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Archives of the Arctic. Ice, Entropy and Memory

International Conference held in Berlin, Germany, 18-20 September 2013

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An international conference with lectures by renowned scholars from the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Japan and the USA.


The interdisciplinary conference discusses the circumpolar area under an archivological perspective. Focusing on ice as a memory medium and a cultural metaphor, scientists, scholars and artists examine the basic problem of the relation between natural and cultural archives.
The conference is part of the Excellence Initiative of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


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Cultural program:
  • Scandinavian folk/jazz with Karl Seglem & Eli Furubotn
  • Pictorial travelogue with Emilie Thomassot and Nastasia Louveau


All interested persons are cordially invited to attend the conference!



Funded by:

Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für Wissenschaftsförderung