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Current teaching

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Selected earlier teaching

HU Berlin, Winter semester 2014/15
  • SE (B.A.) Introduction to linguistics (Polish)
  • SE (M.A.) Productivity in morphology and syntax


HU Berlin, Summer semester 2014
  • SE (B.A.): Varieties of Czech and Slovak
  • SE (B.A.): Corpus linguistic analyses
  • SE (B.A.): Recordings with prisoners of war in WW2 and their (science) historical context
    (with M.-L. Bott, Institute of History and B. Lange, Institute of Cultural science)
  • SE (M.A.): Linguistic Pragmatics
  • SE (M.A.): Zeros in morphology and syntax


HU Berlin, Winter semester 2013/14
  • UE (B.A. & M.A.) Slavonic language processing
  • SE (B.A.) Steps towards the semantic analysis of Polish sentences
  • SE (M.A.) Intonation
  • SE (M.A.) Research seminar
HU Berlin, Summer semester 2013
  • VL (M.A.) History of West Slavonic languages
  • SE (B.A.) Comparative linguistics Polish-German
  • SE (B.A.) Children's First language acquisition in Slavonic languages
  • SE (M.A.) Questions
  • SE (M.A.) Language Change
HU Berlin, Winter semester 2012/13
  • SE (B.A.) Comparative linguistics Czech-Slovak-German
  • SE (M.A.) Register variation in Slavonic languages
  • SE (M.A.) Corpus linguistic studies of argument structure
  • UE (B.A. & M.A.) Do it yourself - Practice of corpus construction
University of Regensburg, Summer semester 2012
  • SE (B.A.) Comparative Czech-German linguistics
  • VL+UE (B.A. & M.A.) History of Czech and Slovak
  • SE (M.A.) Slavic-German Multilingualism
University of Regensburg, Winter semester 2003/2004 - 2007/2008 
  • VL+UE Introduction to Russian linguistics (repeatedly)
  • VL+UE Introduction to Polish linguistics (repeatedly)
  • VL Introduction to Cultural Science (with Dr. S. Koller; repeatedly)
  • PS Structures of Russian
  • PS Structures of Czech
  • PS Intonation and Meaning
  • PS Argument structure
  • PS Language contacts of Polnischen
  • UE History of Russian
  • PS First language acquisition (repeatedly)
  • PS Second language acquisition (with A. Kalkhoff)
  • HS Linguistics of zeros in Slavonic languages (with B. Hansen)
  • HS Collocations - from context to meaning (with C. Wolff)
  • HS Slavonic-German multilingualism (with B. Hansen; repeatedly)
  • UE Empirical methods in linguistics and Cultural science / Statistical methods in linguistics
  • PS+UE Introduction to Corpus linguistics (repeatedly)
  • UE Python programming for the humanities
  • PS Computational linguistics for Slavicists