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Prof. Dr. Roland Meyer :: Research

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Research Interests

  • West- and East Slavonic synchronic linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics and language technology, Relation of Theory and Empiry
  • Diachronic Syntax
  • Case and grammatical functions; Argument structure
  • Intonation
  • Information structure and sentence mood
  • Theories of grammar
  • German/Slavonic language contact, Areal linguistics


Current grant projects


Finished grant projects

  • DFG grant: "Corpus linguistics and diachronic syntax: Grammaticalization of non-standard subjects in Slavonic languages": Researcher / Redaction of proposal. Regensburg, 2008-2011. Principal Investigators: B. Hansen, E. Hansack
  • DFG grant: "Focus and intonation in Russian non-declarative sentences": Researcher / Redaction of proposal. DFG Research group 349, Leipzig. 2002-2003. Principal Investigator: G. Zybatow
  • DFG grant: "Linguistic data structures": Scientific coordinator and researcher. DFG Research Centre 441, Tübingen. 2000-2002. Principal Investigators: M. Reis, E. Hinrichs
  • DAAD "Project-related exchange of personnel" Poland 2006-2007: Principal Investigator, with A. Przepiórkowski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)


Development of corpora and software tools