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Prof. Dr. Christian Voß – Vita

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1987-1996: Slavonic, Romance and Eastern European History Studies in Cologne (MA 1993), Sofia (1990/91) and Freiburg (PhD 1996)


1994-1996: PhD student grant from Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes


1996-2000: Research fellow at the Department of Slavonic Studies, Freiburg (DFG-project „Die Grossen Lesemenäen des Metropoliten Makarij“)


2000-2001: Research fellow at the Department of History, Freiburg


2001-2004: DFG grant for State doctorate ("Habilitationsstipendium")


2004: Venia Legendi for Slavonic Philology, Freiburg 


2004-2006: Research fellow at the Department of Slavonic Studies, Erlangen (DFG-project „Slavic-speaking minorities in northern Greece”)


2005-2006: Visiting professor Slavonic linguistics, Freiburg


Since 01.10.2006: Professor for South Slavonic linguistics and cultural studies, HU Berlin


2006/2007: 3rd place for the professorship of descriptive linguistics and interlingual sociolinguistics at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)


2010: Offer of professorship at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (declined)


2017: Visiting professor at Kragujevac University


2017-: Teaching staff mobilities in the framework of E+ international (KA107): Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria


2021-: President of the Martin Camaj Association


Spring Term 2022: Visiting professor at Ca' Foscari University Venice




Vice-dean of the Faculty for Literature and Linguistics HU Berlin (2008-2016)


Tutor of trust for foreign students at the Faculty for Literature and Linguistics HU Berlin


Member of the Classe di Slavistica of Academia Ambrosiana, Milan (since 2012)


Member of the academic committee of the Centro Internacionale sul plurilinguismo,  Udine (2011-2014/2014-2017)


Head of the Berlin branch of the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft (since 2008)


Consultant for DFG, DAAD, SNF et al. (since 2006)


Founder and publisher of Studies of Language and Literature in Central and Eastern Europe (since 2009)


Member of the editorial office of Colloquia Humanistica (Institute for Slavonic Studies of the Polish Academy of Science, since 2015) 


Co-publisher of  Mediterranean Language Review (since 2015)


Co-publisher of Balkan Studies Library (2009-2017)

Member of the academic advisory council of Südost-Forschungen (since 2008)