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Erasmus+ for Students

The duration of the students mobilities is typically 4 months, but longer stays are possible if enough funding is still available. B.A. and M.A. students participate in the host university's programme in order to obtain ECTS points. PhD students may either participate in a given programme or use the mobility for research and thesis writing, depending on the host university.


The financial support for students consists of 800 € per month for students coming to Berlin and 650 € per month for students going from Berlin. Additionally, a travelling allowance of 275 € is offered.

How to apply

The application procedure in general includes two steps:

  1. application at your home university
  2. application or resgistration at host university

For country and university-specific information please refer to the information about the universities. In the following, the application procedure for students from HU (step 1 - application at home university) and incoming students are described


  • Calls for applications are published here every semester for the following semester. But you are free to apply earlier or ask for residual places.
  • For your application, please send all documents for application as specified on the website of the International Office via e-mail to Dr. Philipp Wasserscheidt.
  • If you need a language certificate for BCMS, please contact the staff of the department of south slavic lanuages
  • Regarding the learning agreement, please note that the partner universities on the Balkans have a fixed curriculum (silabus), which you usually can find within the study regulations. Please make sure to coordinate the content of the mobility agreement both with Dr. Philipp Wasserscheidt and your institute`s authority for the recognition of study achievment (for Slavic studies: Dr. Heike Wapenhans). The number of ECTS on the pre-mobility agreement should at least reach 5 per month (30 per semester)
  • Your application will then be assessed. If you are nominated, you will receive a letter of nomination with further information
  • We will send the nomination to your host university and they will nominate you, as well. Note that, in some cases, universities also reject nominations! In this case, you can try to change the content or period of your stay, if that is the reason for the rejection.
  • You will then have to apply or register at your host university. Please check the more detailed information about the universities
  • If you accept the grant, fill out a Grant Agreement and effect an insurance as described here
  • Further on, please follow the instructions of the International Office for other confirmations strictly!
  • Note that you have to stay for at least 90 days, otherwise you will not receive the grant or will have to pay it back!


  • When filling in your application at your home university, you will get stuck at the learning agreement. At HU, the courses change every semester. The plan for the upcoming semester is usually published one or two month before the start of the semester at the platform AGNES. Since this is way too late for your application, please insert OLD courses from the previous semester. This at least makes it possible to understand where you are heading to. We will change the adjust on your LA prior to your arrival. Importantly, you will have to stick do modules and module-specific exams. Without completing the whole module and without the final exam, you cannot get any credit points.
  • If you have succesfully applied at your home university, they will send us your nomination. If you fulfil our requirements, we will nominate you and send you a nomination letter. This means that you are definitely accepted.
  • You are then asked to register at the portal and to "apply" once again. This is necessary for your enrollment but does not effect your nomination. You will be asked to upload an application form, which you can find here.
  • Please also provide an insurance certificate or else send us the signed insurance request
  • For obtaining an official nomination and invitation, please follow these steps.
  • Now this was easy. The most complicated step will be to find a place to live in Berlin. Please check the information of the International Office and some CoLABnet info.

Deadline for the application:

For student mobilities, please refer to the call at your home university. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us!


For more information from alumni, please join the facebook group!