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The project line "Internationalisation" aims at the professionalisation of international offices and providing information and training for the internationalisation of students, teachers and researchers.


Bring local universities and slavic studies into international spotlight


  • Internationalization of curricula, teaching methods and mentoring

  • Empowerment for international third-party funding abilities

  • Professionalization of international offices, mobility management

  • Institutional collaboration within the region

  • Inclusion of partners into German competitive funding lines

  • Coaching and orientation for international individual grants

Target groups:

  • Administrative staff

  • Erasmus+ coordinators

  • Scientific coordinators within Erasmus+

  • Reserachers (Athors of applications)

Domains of Action:

A Mobility management

B EU-application

C Bilateral funding lines

D Support for Individuals, Career service


  • Workshops for qualification and exchange of staff in Berlin and partner countries