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The project line "Sociolinguistics" develops a new and comprehensive look at the language situation in the successor states of Jugoslavia and aims at empowering students and researchers as social agents.


  • Development of a Handbook on the actual language situation in the western Balkans

  • Studies on Migration within and from the western Balkans (to Turkey, Germany etc.)

  • Development of Area Studies, Joint curricula for modules and courses

  • Training of students and staff in all respective domains of action

Target groups:

  • Linguists

  • Ethnologists

  • Sociologists

  • Experts in Cultural Studies

  • Experts in Political Sciences

Domains of Action:

A Data collection and Monitoring

B Data base development and handling

C Sociolinguistic Analyzes

D Handbook


linguistic fieldwork, sociolinguistic methods, project development, development of research questions, chapter writing


  • Workshops for qualification of staff in Berlin and partner countries

  • Individual teaching mobilities on topics A-E

  • Individual student mobilities with integration in project

  • student projects